Board Meeting Feb 13, 2019 06:30 pm

Location: WestWoods Community Police Station

WestWoods Community Police Station

6644 Kendrick Drive
Arvada, CO 80007

I-70 West to Ward. Ward north to 64th Ave, 64th Ave West to McIntrye/Kendrick Dr. North on Kendrick to the police station.

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn

Mile High Disc Golf
Board Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: Kyle Harrigan, Erikah Weir,
Lauren Johnson, Jamie Simino, Dave Straight,

Dan Jones, Jeremy Nichols (Andrea Eaton is late)

Called to order at 6:31 PM

Ratification of Board
Member Positions

Kyle wants to ratify our Board Member Positions. Before we
do that, we wanted to discuss our Board Member at Large. That would be Adam
White. We would like to move that to March’s agenda because we have not been
able to speak to him directly. Jamie offered to speak to Adam about it. We
would like to keep him close and ensure that he is tied in properly for the Ice

Ratify Secretary position: Erikah Weir: all in favor

Ratify Treasurer position: Tashi Temple-Wood: all in favor

Ratify Vice President position: Kyle Harrigan: all in favor

Ratify President position: Ray Woodruff: all in favor

(all parties present voted and affirmed)

On 12/31/18, Jay Burghardt, submitted the minutes to the
Board. Any questions, comments or concerns for December’s notes. The Board
member that were present at that meeting & reviewed those notes. Everyone
who is present voted and ratified those notes.

Any member comments
or discussion

Josh Kreutzer would like to speak.

Winter Warriors: 290 unique individuals that played in all
the events. This is a really low number compared to years past. He is still
counting final collections but would estimate that he is just a touch over
$10,000. Winter Warriors didn’t have the best weather, specifically in the
beginning of the year. Josh is committing to at least another year to see
through the Million Meals club. He feels very good about the attendance and
generosity of participants from the Ice Bowl. Lots of great raffle prizes and
good weather brought out a lot of people and donations. The Silent Auction
items were highly valued and garnered great bids. He thinks that we might make
the mark. If we are short, we may have some back-up plans and a potential
anonymous donor to help us reach the “big mark.” The Board respects Josh immensely,
and we want him to stay at the helm of Winter Warriors for as long as he would
like to do so.

Josh did ask Kyle if he would be all right with creating a
special Gazebo & Spring Fling disc. He would like to start creating artwork
and promote/pay young & promising artists. Kyle said that would be fine
with him. They will talk off line.

Josh also said there’s going to be Summer Warriors! He’s
going to get a bunch of mini baskets and have a mini-tournament to kick off
Winter Warriors. Plan A: Wood Run Park; Plan B: Firefighter’s Park.

(Andrea Eaton arrived at 6:40 PM)

Budget Review

Kyle reviewed the financial report that Tashi sent to the
Board Members ahead of the meeting.

We have paid for all of the tags up front.

Jamie gave $740 to Dan Jones for Tashi to deposit from tag

Ice Bowl: $1,400 in profit.

What are the course funds for? To replace damaged items,
damaged chains, etc.

Any questions about the financial report through December
2018/Our Final 2018 Finances? None and approved.

Webmaster Discussion:

Bryan Faulkner would like to be a volunteer webmaster. We
would be interested but he is not part of the MHDGC. Jamie said he has played
tags and Josh said he has played some Winter Warriors.

We would like him to show up to a Board Meeting so we can
ask him some questions about his experience and intentions. We will no longer
use our website for any registration-we will be going straight to disc golf
scene. Jeremy asked if we had seen Steve Klehfoth’s response regarding updating
information on the website. It would be a place for “old school” folks to find
information. Jamie said Byran reached out in November 2018 to be a volunteer
webmaster. Kyle asked if Jamie can contact him and invite him to our next
meeting in March so we can open a discussion. (This would be a potential
contact for Boy Scouts of America as well.)

Tournament Updates:

The Ice Bowl was held this past weekend and it was well
attended. Awards were also held as well.

Winter Fling 2019: we are full and it will be a great

Spring Fling 2019: no update at this point. Registration
isn’t open.

Rocky Mountain Women’s 2019: it is currently filling up and
we have some great touring pros: Kona, Missy & Paige Bjerkaas. 110 players
thus far; 75 caddies. We are up against a big New Mexico tournament (Land of
Enchantment Open.) Working on sponsorships as well: our prior sponsor cannot
provide us with what we are looking for; we are looking into two other
sponsors. We should be able to provide additional details at the next Board
Meeting in March 2019.

Tags & Membership

Jamie & Lauren have been working on this throughout the
meeting. First Tags number-130 plus 87 sold: 217 (conservatively.) This puts us
in line for the 2019 season. There were some pre-ordered tags and folks did not
make it to First Tags so Jamie is keeping a tally on that.

A great tag season is upon us! There will be a Bird’s Nest
tags match for 2019. Thursdays: Mike Storrs’ Dragon’s Breath League will be
affiliated with Mile High. Members will get $2 off. We are big enough that we
can support several options for tags on week nights. Dave is going to host
Badlands Tags on Mondays. Fehringer will still be Saturdays. Stain will be on
Thursdays. Lauren will hosting rotating tags and Glow tags too! Fridays will be
at Adams Hollow. Jamie will be on Sundays at Village Greens. He will update
these matches when Daylight Savings happens. He would like to see Westminster
on Wednesdays happen but that will likely have to happen to organically.
Chadwick Page will start Parker tags on Monday 2/18/19. There will be 10-15 tag
matches per week. Lauren is keeping the spreadsheet and will keep Jamie in line
with money & what has been sold. She will be checking in on the tag masters

Other Events:

Jeremy asked if we are doing anything for Longmont’s First
Tags: Kyle said we generally wait until October.

Course Issues:

Lauren & Cory are going to run a Trilogy Challenge to
raise money for a Tee Pad on Hole #4 at Bird’s Nest. Kyle addressed this issue
and was very excited. Hole #7 project is going well. Kyle said he would be more
than happy to help.

New Business:

Jeremy: had a conversation with an old golfer and said as we
grow, he is seeing people getting more “clique-like,” and wanted him to talk
about it. We are growing and this is possibly a part of that growth.

Volunteer Event: June 8th: Jeremy worked with Dan Hart to
set up our volunteer appreciation event at Bear Mountain: TDs, Tag Masters,
Event Volunteers & Board Members. We can develop a system that will allow
for $0 registration. 10 AM start time. Potentially a volunteer item on that

Jeremy: Director’s & Officer’s Insurance: either a yay
or neigh by the Board. Table until next meeting when Ray is present.

Erikah & Andrea: Talked about starting a Ladies’ League
on Wednesday nights around the Mile High. (Erikah: see notes and fill in) Josh
will donate a Gazebo at the Hollow entry! Set up survey on Mile High Disc Golf,
Mile High Melons & Boulder Ladies Tags.

Kyle: Project work in Boulder. Patrick Adair has been
working tirelessly to getting a course put on Flat Irons Golf Course. Kyle,
Ray, Mike Storrs & Dave went out to play the initial round and played in
partnership with Eagle McMahon. There will be a league starting: hopefully for
8 weeks and 40 players each time (we would potentially be able to put a course
in the ground.)

March 5th at 4:00 PM for a test run at the
course. This is for all Board Members. Closed entry.

Meeting is adjourned at 7:37 PM.