Board Meeting Apr 17, 2019 06:30 pm

Location: WestWoods Community Police Station

WestWoods Community Police Station

6644 Kendrick Drive
Arvada, CO 80007

I-70 West to Ward. Ward north to 64th Ave, 64th Ave West to McIntrye/Kendrick Dr. North on Kendrick to the police station.

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn

Mile High Disc Golf Board Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: Jeremy Nichols, Lauren Johnson,
Jamie Simino, Ray Woodruff, Kyle Harrigan, Dave Straight & Erikah Weir.

Members: Brian (Jeremy’s videographer), John Bird &
Callum Dorey.

Meeting brought to order at 6:35 PM

Welcome & thank you to Jeremy for hosting us in
Longmont. Welcome to our non-board members as well.

Website Update:
It’s not currently working. Ray could not update the meeting agenda because the
website was down. He will address that this week. Brian Faulkner is still in
the works as potential Webmaster and Jamie hopes to speak with him in the
coming weeks.

New Discussion Items:

John Bird brought a map that Highlands Ranch would like to
propose to use in lieu of taking down the Lighthouse Course. John said
everything is still in the works and that there will be a meeting on 4/24/19
with Highlands Ranch. Still issues with a parking lot and getting the neighbor’s
buy-ins (basically the companies that surround the property.) The progress is
still moving but it’s a bit slow. The group will be meeting this Friday,
4/19/19, with the companies to continue the conversation, prior to the 4/24/19
Highlands Ranch Board Meeting.  

Jeremy introduced Brian. He is a videographer and is
interested in working with disc golf. He was shown JoMez Pro coverage. He’s
been doing video for several years and has his FAA license. He enjoys doing
aerial coverage. He has not worked shooting disc golf footage specifically, but
he has done a lot with sports over the years. He’s also done weddings &
corporate events. He is interested in learning about new events and wants to
learn about disc golf. He’s a former Ultimate player so he’s involved in disc
sports. He sent videos to the Board for review. Since it would be a new
endeavor, he would be competitive in pricing and has several videographer
friends that could do catch cam if that was helpful. Jeremy plans to take him
out and get some footage. Ray would like to talk to him more about our needs,
specifically about RMWDGC to see if he could help there. Ray talked about
tournaments & budgets. Brian can keep costs low because he works on his

Jeremy asked about ads and how they work. Basically, Ray has
found the space for ads and works them into the videos. He has not met the max
on ads. Erikah also mentioned the idea of having “In the Bags” shot as well.

Minutes From Previous
:  We did not have a March
meeting and have not had the chance to approve them. All in favor of approving
the February 2019 Meeting Minutes. (All Board members in attendance voted YES.)

Finances: Tashi
was unable to compile finances because we had a lot of events open during the
last few months. We do not have March financials. Ray asked if we had any
issues for approving the February finances and we did not. Ray moved to approve
the February finances (All Board members in attendance voted YES.) Tashi is
working on the report from March and we appreciate all the hard work she has
been doing!

Tags: Jamie
Simino has 104 more tags for a total of $2,040 and we are at a total of 321
tags sold. Everything has been running smoothly. Someone wants to step up to
run Wednesday tag matches at Westminster. Could be Justin Ponzer. Jamie will
follow-up with him to see if he is interested. Jamie gave some money to Kyle
for the coffers. Dave said there might be some disruption for the 303 Open but
they will figure it out. Tags are doing pretty good, considering they are
glass. Jamie has a few that are broken and will work with PyroHyzer to get
those replaced. He is also happy that we went with PyroHyzer first because
other clubs have copied us. (Kyle encourages Jamie to
CRUSH the competitors.) Lauren asked if she can get the basic form from
Kyle to keep a better track of who is taking what for new tags. At Glow, she is
afraid that some folks are taking tags without putting one in. This has
happened 3 times and she is looking for a suggestion on how to address this.
Dave suggested: if you want a tag, purchase before the round. Kyle suggested:
bring a sheet and write down or bring a laptop for digital sorting. Jeremy said
the tags are fading a bit. We’ll see what happens 6 months in and Jamie can get
back to her with that feedback. We want to ensure we are giving accurate
feedback to Ashley.

(Lauren’s issue was with the
Longmont Tags. Her tags happened to coincide with the Longmont Church league.
The folks made comments about how slow MHDGC players are, and they just get in
groups of 8 and play too slow. Smoke & drink too much. We can’t really
combat that but wanted to bring it up.)

Tournament Update: Kyle
gave an update on Winter Fling. We had 98/100 spots filled, even though we had
people drop out the night before. The snow made him eliminate the entire upper
course for safety. We raised about $1,000 for the Spring Fling and $98 for the
Bird’s Nest Course Fund.

Next event: Spring Fling: both Amateur & Pro (92/100
spots) are almost full. There will be a foursome of Juniors. One of the larger
female pools that he has had over the years: 16 women in a 180 player field
(almost 10%) and that’s up by 6 registrations for women.

High Plains Challenge: Ray addressed HPC. Should this be a
Mile High Event. Ray asked John if he wants us involved since it’s basically
his own event. Wants to know if he wants Mile High support. Per John, HPC
registration will likely open on 4/21/19. City wants us to use Quail Dunes Golf
Course again (in addition with Optimist & Pessimist). He asked for Mile
High support for this year since it has always been there and wants to continue
that partnership. Ray asked about expectations from Mile High: finances &
support. John said extra personnel would be ideal (especially folks that know
what they are doing) and a sponsorship of $500 would be welcomed. Ray said he
did not feel that Mile High was well-represented at the event. Want to be sure
people know we are involved, meet the standards of our events and be
represented. Ray & John will continue the conversation. John said that
Discmania will be the main sponsor of that event. There will be 3 artists and
there will be fundraiser discs. It will be a 3-day event (Friday, Saturday
& Sunday) and be organized with tee times. No more camping this year. John
is trying to work with a local hotel to get a fly-mart on one of the evenings. Kyle
said he should be able to commit his time; Ray needs to review his calendar;
Erikah is out of town (can’t play or help.) Pros will start at Quail Dunes and
finish at Optimist. By moving the tournament back one week, it eliminates the
foot race & some of the ball games so it should allow for a smoother
tournament. Friday/Saturday: shot-gun starts for all 3 pools. Sunday: two AM
pools will have shot-gun starts and PROS will have tee-times at Optimist. Hoping
that the AMS will be able to create a gallery for the PROS. John hopes to post
this information within the next few days. Kyle proposed the sponsorship of
$500 with the additional board member assistance. (All Board Members in Attendance
voted to support this measure.)

DD Disc Golf Challenge: will be a long day but super fun.

Next Event: Rocky Mountain Women’s Disc Golf Challenge:
Discmania baskets and discs: Discmania will be our title sponsor. We are an
inclusive event so there will be other manufacturers as well. We have gotten a
lot of support from Discmania!! (Let the record reflect
that Erikah is being an ASS about Discmania supporting Colorado Women’s Disc
Golf) Logistics are still in the works for an additional course and we
have Purple Park locked in. We need to have 150 caddies. Women have the right
to refuse the caddy (if something is weird.) And, they don’t have to have a
caddy. We’ll also need spotters. So, RECRUIT!!!

Lauren has 30 folks registered for her Trilogy Challenge!!!
Benefitting Bird’s Nest. Coming together and she’s excited about it! June 2,

303 Open (Amateur): Just happened last week and Kyle said it
ran smoother than almost any event. DGPT event is right around the corner:
Paige Bjerkaas and Grady Shue just signed up. We have 30 more pros signed up
than the Utah Open. For the DGPT Event: They are 4 players short of filling the
event. Gatekeeper Media will be coming out to film and the lead card is almost
set. Should be a great event!

Line in the Pines: Kyle is also assisting with it.

Course Updates:
John Bird put in the final draft of tee signs a few days ago and Kyle will help
him install them. Money in the Bird’s Nest fund: when can they pour tee pads
for Tee #4 and Tee #1? Maybe an extra one for Tee #3 and Tee #2. Bird’s Nest
Fund: $2,231 and $102 from Winter Fling that will go to the fund. May 11th
is a possibility for this work to happen. The City of Arvada is going to let
John Bird borrow a tractor on occasion. He said his tractor is also running
well. He has receipts for $636 for various projects, including renting a Dingo
to assist with the project. He wants to put trees around the border of basket
#7 and put some poles in with wire to protect the trees until they get bigger.
That improvement project is covered in the $636. The area has been re-seeded (now
we just need the rain) but John is not sure that area will be prepared for the
Spring Fling. Kyle will take the receipts and we will reimburse him for those
costs through PayPal/Tashi. Also, some other trees have been moved to a better

The Lighthouse Course is officially gone ?
And the new Highlands Ranch course is still progressing.

New Business:
Jamie received an email regarding the sponsorship of the Anderson boys: Josiah
& Gabriel Anderson. They live up in the mountains. Jamie’s thought was to
get a discounted entry. Kyle reminded the Board that we have a Junior Fund for
this type of sponsorship. We stated that the interested individuals DO need to
be a member of MHDGC. We don’t sponsor direct players individually, but we
could consider working with the Junior Fund. (John Bird let us know that they
are being sponsored by the Foothill Flyers.) Could we subsidize their entries?
“While we cannot support individuals, we can subsidize junior divisions by $10
(or 50%...that sounds way better): Mile High Classic and JRM. What is the motion: we, as a club, would
like to subsidize half of the Junior Entry fee, up to $15, for the remainder of
the calendar year (All Board Members in attendance voted in favor in that

Appreciation Event:
Kyle will reach out to volunteers individually, via
email. Kyle, Dave & Dan will all be there to help out at Bear Mountain.
Kyle & Jeremy can talk about food. (He will have some free in May.)

State Sponsorship of
: We get a logo in the caddy book and on the shirt, we have one spot
reserved for the club (priority registration), if we provide, we can have
promotional items placed in player’s packs, one tee sign & a half page ad
in the caddy book. Kyle has been talking with Jeff and we are excited about
what we are getting.

Adam White is a Board
Member at Large
. He is committed and excited about the opportunity.

Jeremy would like to
discuss Director’s & Officer’s Insurance when we can fit it in.

Non-profit status is ¾
of the way done and will be submitted within the next couple of weeks.

Meeting is adjourned at 8:24 PM.